The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!


Hello there! Some where along the way you found my blog and decided to click on it and now you’re here!

A few things to know about me :

I am a mom to two step sons and two sons of my own. For those of you who quickly did the math, yes that’s FOUR  boys! I love them all with everything I have.

All those boys mean dirt is part of their clothing line from the first wear. That lifting the toilet seat isn’t something that always happens . Dinosaurs, action movies, baseball, and midnight foot to LEGO action are it rolls in this house.

May stepsons are older now leaving just the two youngest at home, Oliver and Schyler (skyler is the popular spelling, I chose the old English spelling) . My blog posts will likely feature some of their antics and silliness, as they keep day to day life interesting!

611F2E01-8A03-4953-8BC1-D312E94401D1.jpegOliver is the older one-8 And Sky is 6 . Olly is my ‘rule follower’ and sky is my mini free bird in the making. He’s my daily reminder to just live loving life and everything else will fall into place. For reference, my husband is the rule follower and since becoming a mom I strive to be more so of a rule follower but my heart desperately clings to all free spirited moments that life allows.

With such a free spirit I struggled making decisions on things like what I want to be when I grow up. I constantly had this thought of ‘why do I have to be just one thing ?’ As I have gotten older I’ve lesrned there are other people like me who have to live life loving what they do , if not you quickly become miserable.

So what is it that I do? Well…. I’m a stay at home mom. My boys are in school during the days so I’ve decided to take on decluttering my home by renting a booth at a local shop. I also started a direct sales business 10 months ago and actively build that as a team and a finished product line. I also love animals and help my parents on their farm as much as I can or is needed and now, now I have a blog too. All of these things make up who I am as a person and I love each part of myself.

My goal for this blog is to relate and connect. Too often, we, as women get lost in what we’re suppose to look like doing something. Be it parenting, starting a traditional business, starting a direct sales business and team, stay at home mom, working mom, wife, as a women in general. I want my readers to know I am in the trenches with them. I’ll share advice on what I’ve messed up enough to know NOT TO DO. I’ll share tips and tricks for crafting master pieces. Getting those tough stains out of the grey or white baseball paints their coaches picked out this year. All of it and I’ll do it from a stand point of trial and error with a touch of humor during my stories.

So thank you for sticking in there and reading my first blog post! I’m so excited for what this blog can accomplish! 1FEDF344-5B14-41D2-9156-986BBA9DEBE9.jpeg

Oliver and I a year ago making silly faces cause that’s how we roll

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Waltonpost

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