The Struggle is Real

Disclaimer: I am not currently adding any affiliate links or hyperlinks to the first few posts. As I learn more I will edit this disclaimer. Thank you for your patience

Affiliate Marketing, Infuencer Marketing, hyperlinks, websites, sponsoring, advertising, all these things and more are decisions you must make as you start a blog and want to monetize it at some point. 

Home pages, contact information, a place for your readers to contact you, email lists, applying for ways to monetize your blog. All of these things and more I really did not put a lot of thought in to when I made the decision to finally jump and make this blog thing a real thing for myself.

I just knew I had a passion for sharing with others, I enjoyed writing, and I knew I wanted to help make a difference for someone, even in the smallest way. I had been told by several people to write a book but every time I sat down to start my mind went blank. I didn’t write as if it was me. I went blank. Nothing could come. I tried writing prompts but it was still so forced it felt dishonest . As I get older in life I do less of what feels good to me. If it doesn’t feel real and authentic to who I am and what I stand for I find myself quickly not doing it. While writing a book is still something I plan to accomplish one day, creating this blog is my first step.

I just didn’t realize it required all of this thought. I thought I will just launch a blog to help others and share my experiences with people all over the world, and I’ll figure out how they make money eventually. ‘EASY PEASY, LEMON SQUEEZY’ as Sky says…..wrong, so so wrong. *insert facepalm*

Blog pic 2

So I came to Panera Bread today and thought that I would organize my week and pump out a post or two. Guys….no! I have researched my tail off. Almost talked myself out of this 10 times this morning and its 11:17am! 

So please, as you find yourself reading my posts, have grace. I started this blog with heartfelt intentions to share my stories in hope of helping at least one person. So as my free spirited ways have landed me in the trenches of the blogging world I find myself massively under prepared. I’ll spare you all of the details that I clearly overlooked! Know that I come from a place with good intentions and between you and me, we will make this blog as successful as we can. I already appreciate you so much for hanging in there with me and blessing me with being a reader.


-Much love, Monica

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